V.2 Deadbolt Door Lock

V.2 Deadbolt Door Lock

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The new generation of Forever Lock™ has arrived! After consultation with the lock picking and locksmithing communities, a new locking core and key were implemented to maximize the effectiveness of the revolutionary and patented anti-lock picking chamber. 

The Forever Lock was always lock pick proof, but now any thought of key bumping or key impressioning has been laid to rest! The new 5 slider system contains no springs and therefore cannot be manipulated with any sort of bump key or “foil” impressioning system.

Combine these new features with already very strict key blank control and the Forever Lock™ offers comprehensive protection from anyone trying to secretly open your lock with either lock picks or counterfeit keys! 


  •  Please choose your color from the drop-down list:  Black, Blue, or Red. 
  •  Multiple lock sets that are keyed the same or master keyed are currently not available. 

RED (only 4 left) BLUE  (only 4 left), OR BLACK (only 3 left)


Bore hole Diameter:  Can fit standard 2-1/8″  (54 mm) Bore Holes. [Minimum 44mm diameter requirement)

Backset: 2 3/8” (60mm)

Bolt Throw: 1 inch

Door thickness: 35mm- 45mm  (Works with both Interior and Exterior doors)

V.2 Deadbolt Door Lock
V.2 Deadbolt Door Lock