V.2 Cable Lock - BLACK

V.2 Cable Lock - BLACK

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The new generation of Forever Lock™ has arrived! After consultation with the lock picking and locksmithing communities, a new locking core and key were implemented to maximize the effectiveness of the revolutionary and patented anti-lock picking chamber. 

Combine these new features with already very strict key blank control and the Forever Lock™ offers comprehensive protection from anyone trying to secretly open your lock with either lock picks or counterfeit keys! 

A very versatile Cable Lock Version that can be wrapped around or threaded through objects to maximize locking positions. With a 12mm thick braided steel cable, now you can have the convenience of a Cable Lock as well as the the Anti-Lockpicking power of the Forever Lock!

The goal of the Forever Lock™ is to provide security as well as style. The Forever Lock’s™ patented Anti-lockpicking mechanism prevents all access to the keyway, effectively preventing traditional lock picking tools from manipulating the locks core. This is because without access to the keyway, there is simply no where to put the lock picks. The Forever Lock™ was designed to make sure anyone who tried to pick it would be deterred and forced to move to another target.

Comes standard with 3 Keys + 2 Key Storage Boxes.

Please Note: Extra Keys must be purchased at the time the lock is ordered and will ship with the lock. Extra Keys can not be shipped after the lock has been shipped.

Use the drop down box near the "add to cart" button to choose the amount of extra keys you want to order. 

 Extra key orders do not come with key storage boxes. If you need more key storage boxes, please send us a message using the "Contact Us" button. 

Weight: 2.65 pounds (1.2 kg)
Cable Thickness: 12mm
Cable Length: 5.9ft (180 cm)
Locking Tube: 37 mm in diameter (1.41 inches)



V.2 Cable Lock - BLACK
V.2 Cable Lock - BLACK